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Those new to libertarianism may find it a daunting task to advance their knowledge of the topic at a sufficient rate to keep up with the constantly changing economic and political landscape. While resources exist throughout the internet, the fact is that many of the books and articles that are ideal for budding libertarians simply take quite a long time to read, and this is especially a problem for students who already have busy schedules (and certainly are not learning much about libertarianism in college classrooms).

This wiki is intended to be an educational tool to clearly and succinctly examine many issues that are key to libertarian thought. This project is being undertaken by Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty. However, we encourage any and all interested in libertarianism or political thought in general to make use of this site. At the moment, the wiki is under construction. Some pages are listed at the let in the navigation bar. This will be kept until the site grows some more. Also, you will find links to pages that do not exist. That is because it has been noted that a page on this topic will be useful, but no one has yet been able make such a page. We encourage you to build any page you like.

It should be noted up front that the information within is by no means completely unbiased. This wiki is meant to provide precise and clear statements of libertarian viewpoints.

Wake YAL knows better than most that libertarians can disagree among themselves on a great many issues. Thus, multiple viewpoints may be put forth on certain topics. The wiki will also aspire to eventually include information on common critiques of libertarianism, and responses to such critiques.